Matthew 6:26 (Turquoise), Copper Cuff, Handmade Bracelet


This bracelet is a reminder that you are loved and cared for. Living to serve God includes trusting Him to provide what is needed.

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This bracelet is a reminder that you are loved and cared for.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

Christ says that believers ought not live in anxiety about these basic needs of life. Life is about more than just food and clothing—there is meaning and purpose even if you do not have these things. To live in worry about the money we don’t have is living under the control of money, rather than the control of God. Living to serve God includes trusting Him to provide what is needed without living in fear and anxiety.

I have applied turquoise and dark patinas to emphasize the details of the design and to give it a vintage look. This bracelet is coated with a metal sealer to help preserve the colors.

To achieve the design on this bracelet, I have used an acid etching technique. Years of experimenting with and fine tuning the process have led to the intricate details you see here.

This gorgeous bracelet was fashioned with thick, 14 gauge (1.6 mm) copper. It measures 1” W x 6” L and has a 1.25” opening in the back to slip over your wrist. The cuff is adjustable and usually accommodates wrist sizes 5 3/4” to 7 3/4” comfortably, depending how loose or tight you like to wear your jewelry. To ensure this will fit your wrist please measure your wrist. If you have questions about the sizing please don’t hesitate to ask me.

SIZING: The cuff may be slowly adjusted, with even pressure on both sides of the opening. Please remember to leave yourself just the right amount of space to be able take the bracelet off without it being too loose to fall off your wrist on its own. Adjusting the size of metal jewelry frequently is not recommended. To put the bracelet on and to take it off, it may be helpful to do so sideways, just above your wrist bone, in the meaty part of your forearm. For further details on the proper sizing of your cuff, please watch the video on the Sizing & Care page.

CARE: Please treat your GaleForce Design Jewelry as you would all special jewelry. Avoid exposure to water, lotions, sprays, cleaners, perfumes, abrasives, etc.

This piece comes packaged in a gift box. Care and sizing instructions are featured on the inside lid of the box.